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What Benefits do You get by writing Guest Posts?

Luxury and Lifestyles  is a very popular blog, with more than 15000 readers and a big social media following. In addition to that, more than 30,000 visitors drop by Luxury and Lifestyles everyday. Your guest post will be viewable by all these readers. You’ll get plenty of exposure in the form of backlinks to your own blog.

All in all, the exposure you will get by writing a post for Luxury and Lifestyles will definitely be beneficial to you.

We expect well written posts related to luxury, luxury travel, luxury cars, luxury resorts, celebrities, luxury beauty, luxury fashion, luxury lifestyles from guest writers. The posts that you send to us have to be unique and should not have been posted anywhere on the Internet previously. When we review the posts received by guest writers, we run some background checks to see if the post is unique.

You can send us guest post in several formats, including Word documents or text files.

Please include all the images used in the post as separate attachments. We host all images on our cache servers, and will not link to images that are hosted elsewhere.All in all, it can take us up to 30 days to publish a post once we receive it. If we find problems with any guest posts we send out an email to the author to let them know about it. We also send out an email to the author to let them know when a guest post has been published or rejected.

Sending us polite reminders will not get your post published any sooner, and just slows us down.

Please email all your guest posts to sofce@luxuryandlifestyles.com. While sending an email, make sure to add the guest post as an attachment along with other requisites.


Some Additional Guidelines

Recommendations in addition to the guidelines listed here:

  1. The topic of the article should have little to do with any of your businesses.
  2. We allow links to your site in the byline (about the author). Links in the article body should be there to support the article, not drive business your way.

If you want free advertisements, you will not get them posted as an article here. We do sometimes provide independent reviews of products or services for a fee. If you want such a service please contact us at sofce@luxuryandlifestyles.com

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at the above email address sofce@luxuryandlifestyles.com or by Contact Form.

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